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New York Times Bestselling Author Young, beautiful and successful, psychotherapist Nikki Roberts should have the world at her feet. Instead, she's mourning her husband after his tragic death in a car accident - her world shattered irrevocably. Nikki's life takes another dark twist when one of her patients is brutally murdered. Before detectives Agnelli and Johnson can catch a break, another victim turns up - Nikki's PA, reformed drug addict Trey Raymond. And when the post-mortem DNA results reveal 'dead' skin cells under the victims' fingernails, LA is gripped by sensational reports of a predatory Zombie Killer. Before long, someone makes an attempt on Nikki's life. And when reports surface challenging the nature of her late husband's 'accident', it's clear that Nikki's number is marked. The question is, why? With the police at a dead end, Nikki drafts in Derek Moody, a PI with a deep and nefarious case history. Moody investigated the infamous Charlotte Clancy missing persons'...

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