Body Language: How to Analyze People, Influence People, Manipulate People and to Become a Master of Persuasion [Audiobook]
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Charles Alexander Williams (Author, Publisher), Heath Douglass (Narrator)

Do you want to acquire the ability to direct or change people's thoughts?

Would you like to have this power and achieve all your goals?

Can you imagine the power that this would give you?

If you want your colleagues, bosses, partners, children, potential customers, or any person to say "yes" to what you want, I'll just say three words: Listen to this book!

Whether you're talking to your partner, your friends, writing a work email, selling a product, a service, telling a story, or simply wanting to impress, motivate, and influence others from the first moment, you need to know the methods that use the masters of persuasion to change people's thoughts and make them act.

In this book, you will discover what makes people move. You will find a collection of the most persuasive techniques used by politicians, advertisers, propaganda writers, and all those who are able to quickly change the thoughts of an individual or a group of people.

You can use these techniques to make a person do things that they normally wouldn't do, change their beliefs, change their thoughts, convince them of something, or make them act.

Whatever your motivation, in this book, you will find the tools you need.

The patterns you will learn are taken from psychological operations manuals, psychologist annotations, sales manuals, and experiments.

These tools can be so powerful that they can do a lot of damage or very well to those who come across them, so use them ethically.

You will understand how our mind works, and you will learn to master powerful techniques to target your brain and that of others.

We will see patterns designed to eliminate resistance, to focus people on what interests you and, in general, you will learn to direct people in the direction you want them to go.

These are some of the topics you will learn:

* How to put ideas into other people's minds
* How to create a state of mind in which people are ready to accept your ideas
* How to change a person's mentality
* How to make your suggestions accepted
* How to change or weaken beliefs
* How to provoke or change emotional states
* How to get people out of negative emotional states
* How to change the direction of another person's thoughts
* How to agree with everything and continue to keep one's opinion
* How to obtain agreements and sow the conditions to which one cannot say no
* How to make people use their imagination to get what you want
* And so on....

Think about the satisfaction and power you will feel when you are finally able to convince anyone to do what you need and thus achieve all your personal and professional goals. This is a must for anyone looking to be more persuasive in their business and personal life

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