Windows 7 SP1 AIO 22in1 May 2020 Pre-Activated

Windows (x86/x64) | Language: English | File Size: 3.85 GB

The assembly is based on the original image from MSDN. Updates were integrated on April, 2020, and SmartFix 2.2.5 and Microsoft DaRT were integrated. There are no cosmetic changes and nothing is cut out!

List of windows editions available for installation:
Windows 7 Starter (x86)
Windows 7 Starter N (x86)
Windows 7 Home Basic (x86-x64)
Windows 7 Home Basic N (x86-x64)
Windows 7 Home Premium (x86-x64)
Windows 7 Home Premium N (x86-x64)
Windows 7 Professional (x86-x64)
Windows 7 Professional N (x86-x64)
Windows 7 Ultimate (x86-x64)
Windows 7 Ultimate N (x86-x64)
Windows 7 Enterprise (x86-x64)
Windows 7 Enterprise N (x86-x64)

This assembly is not suitable for updating the system superficially, only a clean installation .

KB4555449 … 008-r2-sp1

kb4538483 … on-package

KB4556836 … -kb4556836



download скачать LINKS :

Код: скачать/106ec90c8c6e0DE7/BaDshaH.W7.Aio.22.in1.May.2020.part1.rar скачать/f32A062b5fb0cf6f/BaDshaH.W7.Aio.22.in1.May.2020.part2.rar скачать/ad2aFc855fe6c206/BaDshaH.W7.Aio.22.in1.May.2020.part3.rar скачать/29a503fba04106b9/BaDshaH.W7.Aio.22.in1.May.2020.part4.rar[цензура]6f370037f82a/BaDshaH.W7.Aio.22.in1.May.2020.part3.rar.html