ThermoSientific AMIRO 2019.1

ThermoSientific AMIRO 2019.1 | 2.5 Gb

The ThermoSientific product team is pleased to announce the availability of AMIRO 2019.1 Software, is a powerful, multifaceted 3D platform for visualizing, manipulating, and understanding scientific and industrial data from computed tomography, microscopy, and many other imaging modalities.

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ThermoSientific AMIRO

Windows 7even or newer
2.5 Gb

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Код: скачать/4b81F44294798123/cRceS4Xt_FisTerAmIr191.part1.rar скачать/5363Dbbd6247d47c/cRceS4Xt_FisTerAmIr191.part2.rar скачать/4F62de1E533a5ff0/cRceS4Xt_FisTerAmIr191.part3.rar скачать/2aB524995e637d53/cRceS4Xt_FisTerAmIr191.part4.rar скачать/64cadAb3d62Cac56/cRceS4Xt_FisTerAmIr191.part5.rar скачать/947217d8b6da4974/cRceS4Xt_FisTerAmIr191.part6.rar скачать/aEac2F78e41a55ba/cRceS4Xt_FisTerAmIr191.part7.rar скачать/b07570aC480aFa66/cRceS4Xt_FisTerAmIr191.part8.rar