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Does your learner need help with reading comprehension? Visualization skills are vital for fast and efficient comprehension.   Visualization Skills for Reading Comprehension   builds this key skill quickly and efficiently.

Visualizing is our ability to create mental pictures in our heads based on the text we read or the words we hear. It is one of the key skills required for reading comprehension.

Students who visualize as they read not only have a richer reading experience but can recall what they have read for longer periods of time.

Moreover, having a strong mental image of a text allows students to more accurately and effectively answer Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions, such as inferencing, prediction, etc. 

If your learner struggles with reading comprehension, working on visualization skills should be high on your list of priorities.

Visualization Skills for Reading Comprehension   provides step-by-step activities to quickly build the ability to visualize information while reading. 

Key details of this workbook are:

[*]         Suitable for 1-1 or classroom use

[*]         Gradually increments difficulty     

[*]         No-prep. No extra materials required

[*]         Small chunks. 
Our worksheets are designed for 'six-minute sessions.' Anytime you have a spare moment, your learner can accomplish the next incremental step in their learning journey.     

The ability to visualize as you read is key for school and learning success. Support your struggling readers with this fun, engaging workbook that will build your learner's ability and confidence in this important skill.

Kindle Users:   
This workbook is designed to be equally effective whether you write in the print version or use your own paper with the Kindle version.

Grab this easy-to-use and effective workbook today and get your learner on the road to success.

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