pdf | 3.43 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-0760353578 | Author: Christopher Kitcher | Year: 2017


BLACK+DECKER's latest edition of the best-selling home-improvement book in North America for more than a decade is completely updated to conform to 2017-2020 national electrical codes. 

For more than ten years,   BLACK+DECKER The Complete Guide to Wiring   has been the best-selling home wiring manual in North America. Now with more than two million copies in print, this is the   home reference book more DIYers choose   than any other for many reasons.

As the most current wiring book on the market, you can be confident that your projects will meet   national wiring codes  . You'll also spend more time on your project and less time scratching your head thanks to more than   800 clear color photos and over 40 diagrams   that show you exactly what you need to know about home electrical service; all the most common circuits, all the most-needed techniques, all the most essential tools and materials.

The information in this book has been created and   reviewed by professional electricians   under the watchful eye of the experts at BLACK+DECKER. You can find plenty of articles and videos about wiring online or in other publications, but only   The Complete Guide to Wiring   has passed the rigorous test to make it part of   The Best DIY Series from the Brand You Trust.

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