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This is a simple guide to sanding your own timber floor. Any person who hires machinery to sand their own timber floor is taking on a reasonably complex task. This guide is designed to make the job relatively straightforward. Over five decades, the process of sanding and finishing a timber floor has been refined considerably. This simple guide draws on over 30 years' experience to try to make the process as simple and as easy as possible.

Sanding is a relatively simple process once you understand it. However it is not something that you can simply pick up. For example, with most trades there are tips and tricks. In sanding a timber floor there are overlaps points you need to understand that relate to each of the three machines. You need to know this. Otherwise you would never know when you are ready to move on to the next machine. It is this lack of tuition and lack of understanding that has resulted in so many damaged floors over the years. 

With this simple guide we can show you how to proceed with confidence that you can use the tools to achieve a great timber floor.

Niel Morley has been involved in timber flooring for several decades. He is the author of Successful Timber Flooring, Softback book and Successful Timber Floors - EBook.

These books are referred to by professional & DIY users regularly. With the demand for more DIY information, Niel began running DIY workshops in 2000 and since that time has assisted thousands of people achieve good floors using simple methods.

Category:Home Carpentry

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