epub | 301.84 KB | English | Isbn:9781953794086 | Author: Jennifer Bonds | Year: 2022


The perfect guy. The perfect lie... 

Princess Philippa Stanley is over being the perfect royal.

The world's got bigger problems than the color of her nail polish, yet the tabloids insist on detailing her every royal faux pas. Like her bold new hairstyle and missing pantyhose.   Freaking pantyhose  . Things that don't matter to anyone-  except her parents. 

Their Majesties are desperate for her to settle down. So desperate they invite a dozen overzealous bachelors to compete for her hand in marriage. Now she's living her own nightmare version of   The Bachelorette: Royal Edition   with suitors ambushing her at every turn.

No way is she participating in this farce of a courtship. Hard pass. But when her father makes her an offer she can't refuse-take part in exchange for access to her trust fund-it's the only way to get the money she needs to start her own charitable foundation.

Fine. She'll play the game. There's zero chance she'll fall in love until she crashes into a sexy, down-to-earth philanthropist who can help her launch her charity   and   drive off the unwanted suitors. It's like she's met the perfect guy.

But what if he's really the perfect lie?

Each book in the Royally Engaged series is STANDALONE:
* A Royal Disaster
* Royal Trouble
* A Royal Mistake

Category:Television Comedy, Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Humorous Fiction