epub | 565.97 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B8K2K5CW | Author: Ali Parker | Year: 2022


The hottest guy I know is grumpy AF and already married-to his job!
No clue why I thought signing up to be an assistant to a billionaire with a stick up his butt was a good idea.
Scratch that. It's the money.
I need to make my own way and stop living on a wing and a prayer. You know, be more like my big brother. The superstar.
There are a million reasons why my new boss is hard to deal with, but they're all part of his past.
It's probably impossible, but after I get over feeling like enemy number one to this guy, all I want to do is help his life get better.
The fact that he has me wanting to lock his office door and behave poorly isn't helping.
He's got a big burden, and I'm just the girl to help lift it.
This bad mood billionaire is all mine.

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