epub | 355.06 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09V4Q1787 | Author: Rebecca Ruger | Year: 2022


Cora Bennett doesn't believe for a minute that the woman promising to move her through time is anything but a quack, or possibly only trying to sell her something. But Cora has read enough time-travel romances to have some pretty great expectations about her own storyline, once the promise becomes reality. And when she meets the bold and breathtaking Lucas Thain, she's even more excited. True, he's moody and unapproachable, pretty frightening for his sometimes seething fury, but Cora's not deterred. She's not leaving the 14th century until she knows at least one kiss from him.
Lucas Thain doesn't know what to make of the strange lass with the peculiar speech, and he's beginning to regret coming to her rescue. He has only ever loved one woman-whom he has just rediscovered-but even he can't help but have his head turned by Cora Bennett, the lass who infuriates him as much as she intrigues him. When her life is threatened, Lucas realizes he will move heaven and earth, hoping he's not too late to save her     or     the love she once professed to him.

Category:Medieval Historical Romance, Time Travel Romance, Time Travel Romances