epub | 504.32 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B52HDM26 | Author: Elle Sparrow | Year: 2022


Ezekiel Temple, Zeke to his brothers, has lived his entire life struggling to fit in and appear normal. His condition causes him constant discomfort and anxiety, to the point most people have written him off as troubled or slow, not seeing the truth of his affliction. The only way he can feel control is by indulging in a secret side of himself; one he keeps hidden from everyone except his brothers.
When Zeke agrees to fulfill his obligation as both a son of Zion and a Temple, his world turns on its axis.Talia is everything Zeke tries to stay away from. Will he be able to accept her into his home, the only place where he can find solitude? Should he trust her enough to tell her the truth? Will she be able to accept his secret world of pleasure?
Talia's childhood home was filled with love and support, from the day her parents adopted her and brought her into their home. She wants nothing more than to be the Godly wife that Zion has taught her to be. 
After marrying Zeke Temple, she realizes her new husband is full of secrets. Will she be able to make a home with this man? Most importantly, can she come to terms with the new parts of herself that she is just beginning to discover?

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