30 Days Weight Loss Program With Zumba.
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Weight loss, shape and tone your body in 30 days.

What you'll learn
This course Zumba training program burn your calories step by step for those who wants to loose weight in 30 days.
The workout has been programmed and picked up from different Zumba program to shape your body without you feel it that actually you work out.
With the combination of Zumba Toning program, the exercise gives you the way to tone your muscles with a help of dumbbell for resistance.
You're going to learn easy movement in this course.
You're gonna learn how to control your body in fun way and train your brain to remember all the steps in this course.
Before you begin with the course, please be ready to have your shoes, towel and a bottle of water.
Wear comfortable training clothes, so you move freely and not disturb you while you are moving.
For Zumba Toning class prepare one set of dumbbell min. 1 kg each and maks. 2 kg each. For beginner 1 kg dumbbell each are recommended.
Be ready with a exercise mat for Zumba in the Circuit program.
A chair is required for Zumba Sentao program.
No prerequisites. All dance ability level are welcomed. There are no beginner or advance level. Everybody can do this course.

In 30 days this course gives you step-by-step exercises to lose weight as well as to keep your body in shape and build your muscles in tone. This course is perfect for the beginner who has never done exercises before, as they get the instructions, to begin with. Every day will be a different dance fitness program which has been modified, chosen and in order to give effective and fast results to your body experience. The program will be upgraded from 15 minutes exercises to 30 minutes exercises. As it is divided into 4 weeks section.You are going to exercise 5 times a week, and 2 days take a rest. The first week of 15 minutes exercises each day. The second week of 20 minutes exercise, the third week of 25 minutes exercise, and the fourth week of 30 minutes exercise each day. This workout is perfect for beginners who want to start making a change and get the body they want.Every day will be a different Zumba class program for you to exercise, to train different parts of the body, burn the calories, tone those muscles, and have fun while you exercise. Put your goal and reach your dream body in 30 days.

Who this course is for
If you wanna loose your weight step by step, everyday with different program to give you body section to train and more specialized in burn the calories, this is the effected program for you.,This course is for all the Mothers after having childbirth. The upgrading program gives you an easy step to start again to shape your body after labor. Recommended though to not do the jumping movement.,To those who want to shape their body, burn calories in effective way and build the muscles without making it too much.,Perfect for the beginner who never do exercises. This program is build for those who never move before and yet they wanna start to change their body.