epub | 464.55 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B1Y4Y88Z | Author: Mary Martel | Year: 2022


Isobel has been through a lot more than the average woman in her short life.
Family murdered.
Tortured by the Council.
Rescued by a beautiful man she's obsessed with.
She's not the average witch. She's slightly broken, plagued by horrible nightmares, and she's also just a little bit on the crazy side.
But broken and slightly crazy women deserve love too, right?
She sure thinks so. Now she's got to convince all the men in her life that they should take a chance on her and give love a try as well.
The only problem with that is they're all just as crazy as she is, if not even more so. And she is certainly not the only damaged one in the bunch.
They've all got their own nightmares to face, they just need to learn that it's much easier to face them together than it is to stand all alone in the dark with no one to hold your hand through it.

Category:Occult Horror, Occult Fiction, Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance