epub | 217.5 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B86QD6PG | Author: Alexa Griffin | Year: 2022


He's a wolf. He's beyond grumpy. And he rejected me . because I'm a witch. 
He was stung by my kind in the past, a flame that turned into a curse.
Now staying in my family's small town motel, he tries to deny our connection.
But can I deny that he's attractive as hell . and makes my heart pound like crazy?

I wish I could say that his muscles and handsome face can't beat his grumpiness.
I wish I could stay angry at him for being so rude, for pushing me away.
But seeing him day in day out, his intoxicating presence overwhelms me.
And suddenly all I wish is to be able to erase the past pain.

But he doesn't make it easy for me when he pretends he can't stand me.
Pretends. Because here we are . alone in his room . and I know what his wolf wants.
I see his eyes move to my parted lips, feel his warmth as he steps closer.
But after all the nonsense he gave me.

I cannot actually fall for him, can I?

Magical Wolf Town is a small, remote town where the paranormal is very real indeed. if only you know how to look for it. Secret witchcraft, powerful wolf shifters, and the magic of mates makes the residents of this town forget their everyday life and get lost in the only thing that really matters: love that lasts forever.

Category:Paranormal Angel Romance, Paranormal Ghost Romance, Psychic Romance