epub | 674.95 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B7KLWHD2 | Author: Jackie May | Year: 2022


The fourth and final book in the Shayne Davies series! I mean, that pretty much says it all, right? Do I really need to give you a summary of the plot? Shayne will either rescue the love of her life, destroy the East Side demon horde once and for all, and save Detroit, or she won't. Either way, there will be no more cliffhangers. This is the grand finale not just for Shayne and Jay but for Nora Jacobs and the entire Detroit Division of the Federal Underworld Agency.
Author's note: Careful! While the Shayne Davies series can be read as a stand-alone, this book does reveal certain spoilers from the Nora Jacobs series, so be warned! Here is the recommended reading order for the Underworld books (Nora Jacobs and Shayne Davies): - Don't Rush Me (Nora Jacobs #1) - Don't Cheat Me (Nora Jacobs #2) - The Devil to Pay (Shayne Davies #1) - Don't Bait Me (Nora Jacobs #3) - Magic in Those Eyes (Shayne Davies #2) - Don't Tempt Me (Nora Jacobs #4) - Heart and Soul (Shayne Davies #3) - Just Dare Me (Shayne Davies #4)

Category:Vampire Romances, Paranormal Vampire Romance, Romantic Fantasy