epub | 944.09 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09JMH1Z22 | Author: Vesper Young | Year: 2022


I need a fake boyfriend. 
And now that my house burned down, I need a place to live.
The solution to both my problems? William Kent.
I should say no when he offers. Living with my too-hot firefighter neighbor, while pretending to date him, sounds like the most delicious-I mean, terrible-type of torture.
I'm desperate enough to agree, on one condition: no love. After having my heart broken, I'm     done    . No more Valentine's Days, no more holding hands, no more     I'll love you     forever.
But with every wall I put up, Will seems that much more determined to hold onto me. Can I get out of this with my heart unscathed? Or am I going to get burned again?

Category:Romantic Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance