epub | 270.98 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B7QCNS1N | Author: S.C. Wynne | Year: 2022


Wait just a minute. A whole month has passed and no one has been murdered in Pearl Cove? 

Things are settling down in Pearl Cove as Kip and Merrick fumble their way through a new relationship. There's no denying the two men have deep feelings for each other, but trust issues can play havoc when people don't communicate well.

When Kip's office manager, Helen, has her home burgled, but nothing is stolen, the Pearl Cove PD have little interest in solving the case. Kip, Charlene, and Helen decide a little amateur sleuthing couldn't hurt anything.

Not surprisingly, Police Chief Dawson doesn't agree. He whole heartedly disapproves of his boyfriend's plan to nab the trespasser. But if the police won't do anything, Kip isn't about to turn his back on his friend.

In fact, it's rather fun to play detective. until the thief tries to murder them.

This is book three in my Kip O'Connor M/M Cozy Mystery series. Each book has a cozy feel to it and there is a strong romantic storyline in each book. No on page graphic steam, but some mild violence.

Category:LGBTQ+ Mystery, Bisexual Romance, Gay Fiction