epub | 507.48 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B2KMBH3X | Author: Rowan Hart | Year: 2022


Worst. Ballpit. Ever. 
Having escaped her abductors by burrowing into the garbage pile, Chess finds herself in the cargo hold of a beautiful twilight-colored dragon with a soft voice, bladed tail, and no sense of humor. Humans are Off-Limits and there are no exceptions, even if the Greys are universally acknowledged as the galaxy's biggest jerks. Getting caught out here is an automatic charge of Sentient Trafficking for Keiron, and a lifelong, all-expenses-paid vacation at a Gestalt Research facility for her. 

Keiron's brother is desperately sick from the plague ravaging the Gestalt planets, his family is destitute, and his title     Twilight Scion     has become a mockery. A Human turning up in his most recent haul is the last thing he needs. Humans are rumored to be the most powerful psys in the galaxy, and the Gestalt would love to get their hands on one that hasn't been damaged by the Greys. He can't be caught with her, he can't take her to Earth, and he can't turn her over to the Gestalt. Claiming her as his mate is the only way to save any of them. 

With the fate of his family on the line, will Chess prove to be his House's final undoing or its salvation?
Spared By The Monster is a standalone sci-fi monster romance. No cliffhanger, of course!

Category:Science Fiction Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Paranormal Romance