epub | 290.59 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09W5RNBDC | Author: Samantha Skye | Year: 2022


My life has a use-by date. 
But Dante Luciano can use me all he likes...
Most people fight tooth and nail against unfairness. 
But my childhood was a masterclass in "life ain't meant to be easy", so I befriended acceptance a long time ago.
It's part of the reason I can seize the moment, escape the inescapable (for now)...jump on a plane to New York and know the only way I'm coming back is in a box.
I should have been terrified when I got caught in the crossfire of the Mob, but when Dante threw his body in front of me, I felt alive for     all     the right reasons.
Slipping into his life (and his bed sheets) is as easy as breathing.
But Dante hates liars. 
So he's going to hate me.
Book Two in the     Men Of New York     series by Samantha Skye,     My Destiny     is a suspenseful slow burn, single parent, age gap mafia romance.
Contains explicit sex scenes, adult themes, and violence - 18+.

Category:Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance