epub | 287.94 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09XJT7P9R | Author: Brittany Tarkington | Year: 2022


Finding him was all I'd wanted the last three weeks. He'd haunted my mind, my dreams. I couldn't decipher what was real or fake. Did he even exist at all?

Nothing would stop me from getting back to her.
Or so I thought.
Waking up without identification on the opposite side of the world would throw a kink in things.

When we made it back to each other, it would perfect right?
We were at college now. No longer under our families' thumb.
But when missing posters pop-up on campus, more each day, we realized something much sinister might be waiting for us.
We'd never guessed how far they'd go to keep us apart, but they underestimated what we'd do to stay together.

Category:Classic Coming of Age Fiction, Gothic Romance, Coming of Age Fiction