epub | 166.8 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B5Q2L5QN | Author: Mimi Kinley | Year: 2022


I hate Drake Hampton. No, I   loathe   him with singular ferocity that only his richer-than-God, pretentious face can ignite in me. I've worked hard for my bakery and if I get further pressure from his company to sell so they can build more of their lame-ass cookie-cutter apartments in my historic neighborhood, I will burn everything to the ground.

At least that's the message I hope to send when I storm his office with a special gift in hand.

What I didn't expect-was to find his office empty-or for him to show up at my shop to thank me personally. And most worryingly of all, I didn't expect to want the man who has the power to completely break me.

Suddenly my bakery isn't the only thing I'm worried about losing.

When I see the stunningly gorgeous Oliva Morris dragged out of my office by security after leaving an unforgettable message in my desk, I know I have to meet her.

Once I do, I'm hooked on the sassy, intelligent, heart-stopping bakery owner. She's all I can think about, all I want, and I will do anything in my power-even turn my life and company upside down-to prove I'm not the villain she thinks I am.

This novella was previously released as part of the Sweet Obsession Anthology.

Category:Two-Hour Romance Short Reads, Billionaire Romance, Contemporary Romance Fiction