epub | 1.15 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B098PNRVK4 | Author: D.E. Chapman | Year: 2022


They say love makes you do stupid things... I tend to agree. 

I finally escaped Cain's imprisonment, only to discover my mate is gone. My brothers allowed her to venture into Hell in search of me and now she's trapped. Sure, Jophiel knew the risks Hell poses for angels, but we all do crazy things for the ones we love.

Now it's up to me to return to Hell and rescue her from the prison I just escaped. If I can reach her before her wings turn black, she can still come home. If I'm too late, then even God won't be able to save her soul.

I won't let that happen. I   can't   let that happen. I'll save my omega, even if it means facing perdition.

Just hold on Jophiel, I'm coming for you.

Trapped Under is a somewhat dark PNR omegaverse featuring one sweet as sin omega and six righteous alphas.
♥ Reverse harem featuring the seven archangels
★   Action packed
♥ Fated mates
★   An archangel on the verge of falling
♥ Redemption
★   Reincarnation
♥ Demons and Angels
★   Each book in the series features a new set of characters and has a HEA

Category:Fairy Tale Fantasy, Folklore, Mythology & Folk Tales