epub | 334.74 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B099X6MGH8 | Author: Rosa Milano | Year: 2021


   I am wild. I am free. And I will not be tamed.

I don't do relationships. I stick around long enough to have a little fun, and then leave before I can be left.

It's not like anyone has ever held my interest very long anyway.

Not until three delectable, mysterious, and frustratingly persistent men show up in my life and completely throw it off course.

It was only supposed to be a one-time thing with each of them, but no matter how hard I try to stay away, we keep getting thrown together.

Before them, everything was mundane. The typical college, work, party, occasional random hookup experience-rinse, repeat. But now, I'm unwillingly thrown into a world of chaos and danger. And if I'm being honest, I love the thrill of it.

The second their rivals catch wind of me, I become a pawn in the twisted war they're in and if I'm not careful, I will end up being just another of the many casualties in this battle of claiming the throne.

Untamed Vixen   is a gritty mafia why choose romance standalone in the   Sinners and Angels   universe that can be read at any time. The   Sinners and Angels duet   can be read first, but are not necessary. Meant for mature audiences. 

AUTHOR NOTE: Previously authored by Tessa James (same person, different pen name).

Category:Noir Crime, City Life Fiction, Suspense Action Fiction