Quick Analysis: The issue with MT 2K23 this Russell Westbrook card is he has a 70 3-point rating. This is even lower than the 76 on his diamond card. He also has zero HOF defense/rebounding badges, which will hurt. He has gold Clamps but the diamond did as well. The upgrades you're really getting here are more in the finishing category and that's where most of his new HOF badges reside. In fact, all thew new HOF badges are there. Even a lot of his attributes are the same, so this is really just a boost in badges.

Pink Diamond Damian Lillard

Quick Analysis: Not much needs to be said about this Damian Lillard. He just received a pink diamond Moments card last week for dropping 60 points, so he gets another one here for dropping 50 points. He gets two new HOF badges in the playmaking department, and some marginal boosts to a couple passing attributes. Otherwise, everything I wrote last week still applies.

Pink Diamond Kyrie Irving

Quick Analysis: Much like with Russell Westbrook, a lot of the upgrades to Kyrie in comparison to his diamond come in the form of HOF badges. A lot of his base ratings are about the same, with the biggest change here being a major boost to mid-range scoring. His athleticism, 3-point shooting and inside scoring are all stagnant, same goes for defending and rebounding. However, Kyrie's HOF badges are at least more spread out than Westbrook's. He gets new HOF finishing badges, shooting badges and playmaking badges. He still has zero defensive badges, so he remains a liability on defense (rightfully so, but does hurt his value in the MyTeam world).

Pink Diamond Trae Young

Quick Analysis: When comparing diamond to pink diamond Trae, the biggest changes are a +1 in 3-point shooting, +2 in speed and some marginal defensive improvements. The big change (like with most of these other cards) comes in the form of badges. Trae already had HOF Range Extender, but he adds Quick Draw to the mix now. He also has a bushel of HOF playmaking badges and NBA 2K23 MT Coins some HOF finishing badges. However, I grouped him with Kyrie because the same defensive issues apply. He has gold Lightning Reflexes, but otherwise is a liability on defense.