When Honkai Star Rail opened its server, there was only one character with imaginary attributes: Welt Yang (five-star nothingness). If you have played Honkai III, you may be impressed by this name. The following is his background introduction and minimalist strategy. The contents of these Honkai Star Rail guides are all from IGGM.

Welt Yang is an important figure in Honkai 3 and the current leader of anti-entropy. When Joyce, who guarded the world, was seriously injured in the 1955 Thanksgiving incident due to fighting against the destiny, Joyce, who knew that his life was not long. Together they were entrusted to Uncle Yang, and Yang became the second Lawer of Reason.

But why did the old and prudent former anti-entropy leader, the Herrscher of Reason, board the star train? It is said that after the disaster was over, Welt temporarily unloaded the burden of fate and became an animation storyboard artist. However, after the St. Fontaine incident ended, Welt was forced to go to the other side of the stargate with the person who initiated the incident. Perhaps even he himself has never expected that what is waiting there will be a brand new journey and companion.

Welt is probably a favorite member of every team, good at weakening, slowing and immobilizing enemies, and creating more output opportunities for teammates. While he can deal decent damage, his main role is to provide support effects. And as a rare and "noble" imaginary character at server opening, if you have a destiny with him, you must make good use of it.

First, Welt's damage abilities complement his stats. Second, he relies heavily on effect hit percentage to win games. While there are multiple light cones in the game, the developer made one based on his style of play.

Currently the most suitable output for Welt is Xi'er and Dan Heng. The former can have more mobile phone calls, while the latter can nearly double the damage of the ultimate move on the basis of the mobile phone calls, which is very easy to use. However, Welt is a good match for any team, as long as you don't dislike Uncle.

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