Mitchell UltraMate (Estimating) 7.1.371 | 5.4 Gb
Mitchell International, Inc., a leading provider of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the Property & Casualty (P&C) claims and Collision Repair industries, has launched Mitchell UltraMate (Estimating) 7.1.371 10.2018, is proven technology to help your appraisers write estimates for specialty and vehicle insurance claims.

Mitchell UltraMate  is an advanced evaluation system with proven technology that allows you to create estimates that are accurate, verifiable, and readily available across the entire auto industry. It combines a detailed database and ease of use, as well as automated calculations and repair procedures. All cars of the American market from 1983 to 2018 of release are considered.
About Mitchell UltraMate (Estimating).   UlraMate is Mitchell's advanced estimating system that comes equipped with proven technology to help you automatically create estimates that are accurate, verifiable, and readily accepted throughout the industry. UltraMate combines industry-leading database accuracy with automated calculations and repair procedure pages that virtually eliminate errors.
An all new user-friendly navigation helps even novice estimators become experts in no time! UltraMate's advanced features such as parts lookup, parts graphics printouts, and itemized totals help to streamline the estimating process and assist in avoiding errors.
UltraMate is customizable to your unique business needs. Set up your estimating system to reflect these needs with features such as customizable mandatory fields, personalized templates (Long Expansions) and flexible fields for capturing job and customer information.
Mitchell UltraMate is the only estimating system that has the ability to deliver online parts price changes on a daily basis. This helps to ensure that your estimates are accurate right from the start. With the optional Instant Price Updates functionality, you can set your system up to receive daily OEM updates and weekly aftermarket updates.
About Mitchell International.    Headquartered in San Diego, California, Mitchell International, Inc. delivers smart technology solutions that simplify and accelerate claims handling and repair processes, driving more accurate, consistent and cost-effective resolutions. Mitchell integrates deep industry expertise into its workflow solutions, providing unparalleled access to data, advanced analytics and                                                                                                                                                                                                         decision support tools. Mitchell's comprehensive solution portfolio and robust SaaS infrastructure connect its customers in ways that enable tens of millions of electronic transactions to be processed each month for more than 300 insurance companies, over 30,000 collision repair facilities and countless other Property & Casualty industry supply partners across the Americas and Europe.
Product: Mitchell UltraMate
Version: 7.1.371 10.2018
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :


Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 5.4 Gb

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