Retro Machine is powerful graphics package, which contains image processing filters, operating on the principle of action in Photoshop. You can wear out your image the way you want - just use your favorite combination of textures. Machine Wash create professional effects, texturing, using masking layers, and leaving intact the original itself. At any time (of course, until you realized rendering), if you do not like the effect, you can revert to the original image. скачать/87970.8619013eb9c8320abfb09564972a/RetroMachine.I-III.2.1.PS.part1.rar.html скачать/66609.678b37373e8ee9aafb9971641c09/RetroMachine.I-III.2.1.PS.part2.rar.html скачать/18570.1825900ff7e6fc676a0046282742/RetroMachine.I-III.2.1.PS.part3.rar.html скачать/68629.65a7ec2b4fc18a86dac6a4aaf576/RetroMachine.I-III.2.1.PS.part4.rar.html … 1.rar.html … 2.rar.html … 3.rar.html … 4.rar.html