Lost Colonies 03 Star Carrier   B V Larson
epub | 477.12 KB | English |  B. V. Larson |   Iron Tower Press

About Lost Colonies 03 Star Carrier   B V Larson :

Earth builds her first war fleet!   
The greatest warships ever constructed in known space rise up one by one, soon dominating our skies. They strike fear into the hearts of every citizen and rebel colonist alike.   
Captain William Sparhawk, the very man who convinced the secretive Council to build this terrifying fleet, now has doubts about the project. What is their exact mission? How could anyone have built these huge ships so quickly? And most puzzling of all, what's happening out at the isolated laboratory complex on Phobos, Mars' lop-sided moon?   
Learn the stunning truth in STAR CARRIER, the final book of the Lost Colonies Trilogy. STAR CARRIER is a novel of military science fiction by bestselling author B. V. Larson.

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