Learn Guitar the Easy Way - The easy way to play guitar using simplified chords
epub | 2.02 MB | English | Paolo Ocampo | 2016 | Amazon | Page: 74

About Learn Guitar the Easy Way - The easy way to play guitar using simplified chords :

If you ever wanted to play the piano but got intimidated by the steep learning curve, I have good ne for you. This book "Learn Piano the Easy Way using Simplified Chords" will teach you how to play quickly and easily using simplified chords.

"Learn Piano the Easy Way" is a beautifully illustrated book designed to teach you how to play the piano quickly and easily. Unlike traditional piano lessons that cover a lot of complicated theory, this book will show you the secret shortcuts to playing popular hit songs that you hear on the radio.

Did you know that you can play almost any song by memorizing only 12 Major Chords? A Major Chord is comprised of only three notes and are super easy to remember. Chords are how pop bands play their music. Chords are how casual piano players to play and sing along with their family and friends. Learning how to play chords is the easiest, fastest and the most fun way to play the piano.

This book uses a different approach to learning chords - instead memorizing over a hundred different chords - you'll learn how to derive any chord from just 12 Chords! This book will teach you how to use simple formulas to figure out how to play any chord for any song.

Included are many easy to follow visual instructions and easy to read cheat sheets. Also included are resources and software that you can use to quickly learn, transcribe, and create music to jam with - using chords!

In this book, you'll learn:
-- How to make sense of the piano keyboard
-- How to name all the black and white keys in the piano keyboard
-- How to find the notes that blend with each black and white key
-- How to easily find the Major Chord for each key
-- How to play Chord Variations using simple formulas (no memorization!)
-- The simplified versions of complicated Chord Variations
-- How to add piano grooves using Rhythm Patterns
-- How to figure out which Chords go well together
-- How to hear song patterns using Chord Progressions
-- Where to find chords and lyrics to jam with
-- What software to use to transcribe the chords of any song
-- Any many more!

Playing the piano is one of the simple joys in life. Take the time and invest in learning this new skill and I promise that it will provide you with a lifetime of fun and relaxation.

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