Parent/Teacher Interview booking system

Designed for simplicity, a Parent/Teacher booking system pro provides a facility for parents to book their interviews online


Parents may access a system at any time, day or night. They Have no codes or pin numbers to remember, and the series about easy screens with prompts to assist them making their interview bookings. Parents will feel empowered As they interact directly and one live system - selecting one teachers they wish to notice with time slots that are both convenient with suitable.



Teaching staff may, whether they yearn, visit one site to block out interview slots for which they will be unavailable, designate specific year levels they teach, or to check which parents Have requested interviews. all about these are however optional. a system will operate entirely independent about a teaching staff whether mandatory. Lists of interviews At the time booked by parents can be provided by your administrator.


We Having designed this process to be At the time easy and painless As possible. the only data to load is the list of teaching staff, and if you are already using another SOBS application later a staff are already loaded. Lastly a system needs to discern what year levels each staff member teaches - you can enter this information on a screen or Having a staff login to do this themselves.

the parent interface has been designed to function from within the iframe - you can place this iframe on a page in your school website thus one ideal application looks As though you wrote it. There are brownie points in store here, a parents will love this system and you comprehend they are Go to tell one principal!

Controlled access

when adding one interview round you are also prompted to enter access times for staff and parents. You might allow staff to access the round the week prior to parents, giving staff time to mark their availability or unavailability for one various interview slots. similar you define a date with time that parents are allowed to access a system and also a last date with time they can record interviews. This allows you time to print one final interview list before the chaos everybody starts arriving.


Parents may request the list about their own interviews either via email or for printing. Staff Have the similar to ability with notice to their own interviews. At the time a administrator you Have access to print two lists including every interviews in date/time order. one soon list is grouped by Staff member, so you may provide each staff member and their list of interviews. one finally list is grouped by Parent with is used to assist parents who Have forgotten to bring their own interview list.

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