Artist: VA
      Title: Gqom Oh X Crudo Volta Washa Mixtape
      Year Of Release: 2018
      Label: Gqom Oh!
      Genre: House
      Quality: MP3 320 kbps
      Total Time: 1:13:24
      Total Size: 168 Mb

Gqom Oh! has teamed up once again with the collective Crudo Volta to deliver another banging mixtape. Introducing globally this time the Sgubhu sound and a new variant of Gqom which are literally taking over the very dynamic sonic landscape of South Africa. We are celebrating South African summer season starting this December with 13 tracks compilation featuring Emo Kid, Citizen Boy, Formation Boyz, Cruel Boyz, Forgotten Souls, Julz da Deejay and Dj Mabheko plus the new signed artists as Sbucardo da Dj, Griffit Vigo and Newlands Finest. The project is titled Washa, a Zulu word used commonly among youths in Durban to epitomise a feeling of enthusiasm and delight. Literally it means " You got burnt" or "this track is on fire!"

01 Secret Stash Citizen Boy 5:08
02 Outside The Club (Broken Mix) Formation Boyz 5:46
03 Dead Target (Broken Mix) Emo Kid 5:48
04 Woza Sbucardo Da Dj 5:18
05 Cruel Banger Cruel Boyz 6:07
06 Double Treat Forgotten Souls 6:09
07 Massive Jive (Broken Mix) Newlands finest 5:06
08 Uginqi Gonqo (Broken Shandis) Dominowe 6:24
09 In Progress Julz Da Deejay 5:40
10 Rehab Soundz Griffit Vigo 6:18
11 Tribute to Gqom Oh! DJ Mabheko 5:12
12 The Chaser Julz Da Deejay 5:13
13 Level 4 (Main junk Mix) Formation Boyz 5:15

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