Artist: Kev Spencer
Title: ... For Reasons Unknown
Year Of Release: 2018
Label: Kev Spencer
Genre: Blues Rock
Quality: Flac (tracks)
Total Time: 47:46
Total Size: 382 Mb
01. Wicked Ways 03:01
02. Bluesman 04:06
03. They Call It The Blues 03:13
04. Funky Kinda Stride 03:22
05. Mr Witchdoctor 04:37
06. Sunday Stomp! 01:58
07. Now And Again 04:00
08. Let's Get Down 03:38
09. Sounds Like Love 03:43
10. Six Feet Below 02:21
11. Even When You're Wrong 03:54
12. Queen O' Hearts 03:48
13. Still Takin' Money 02:25
14. One Ain't Enough 03:41

Kevin Spencer is a blues guitarist/teacher and song writer born with Cerebral Palsy rom Melbourne Australia. He adds "I'd like to say I'm excited an honoured to become part of Can-Do Musos".
Kev recalls "I remember first 'stumbling' across the guitar at 8 yrs old when lookin thru junk and other hidden treasure at a garage sale... missing strings, beat up and not in good shape but for some reason it had me curious. Back in those days my circle of friends were all into sport or physical activity yet as I was born prematurely with Cerebral Palsy which affects my legs and walking, many of those past times weren't for me. In fact I much rather spend time tinkering with that old guitar... Soon my parents realised I'd found something that came natural to me as I would figure out songs and melodies by hearing them just once".
Money was tight yet Kev's dad could see this was no passing phase and eventually Kev got to take lessons from legendary guitarist Colin Badger of Aussie bands Painters and Dockers and Sol Nation.
Kev adds "Here is where I was told music is good music be it 3 chords or complicated. All these years later I now teach that exact rule to my students 'don't complicate things, simplicity is best'"
Though Kev's heroes are blues gods Sevie Ray Vaughn and Jeff Healey, his musical taste knows no bounds,opera to gangster rap and country. He adds "I love it all!!!"
Kev says "Since being in many bands and musical situations over years I've also learned that it's not about how good you are, as long as you truely love it and entertain the audience that's what counts!!!!!!!!!!!! Even when things don't go well, it's part of the deal and learn from the mistakes!"
The last 3 or 4 yrs have kept Kev very busy playing local gigs at Bars, RSL Clubs and Restaurants. He is also preparing to wrap up his first blues/ rock album "for reasons unknown" with the help of Rob Macpherson and many great friends lending their time and skills to play on it. He adds "long tiring process but one I'm very proud of !!! Trouble is that like many musicians I can't seem to stop and have begun writing demos for the future! Lastly I'd like to say that everybody has struggles in some way but everyone also has something they can do! Whatever that may be, find it and do it damn well".