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The Cure - Greatest Hits (Acoustic) (2001)>>

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Artist & Band: The Cure
Title Of Album: Greatest Hits
Year Of Release: November 13, 2001
Label: Elektra / Wea
Studio/Live: Studio (acoustic)
Genre, Style: Alternative Rock, Post-Punk, New Wave
Type, Quality: mp3, CBR 256 kbps; Covers
Total Time: 69:24
Total Size: mp3 - 127.78 MB

Свернутый текст

As Greatest Hits--and particularly the busking pavement jazz of "Lovecats"--reminds us, the best Cure singles were very often tangential exercises; they offered a goth-free playtime divergence from some of the weightier studiousness of those early albums. Or, as smudged frontman Robert Smith says of this 18-track collection, "Songs that are sung with a smile." This wasn't always true--witness the refrigerated fogginess of the classic "A Forest," the Blair Witch Project of its day. What this compilation does is focus attention on the Cure's perennial unpredictability--the breathless claustrophobia of "Close to Me," the New Order-lite of "The Walk," the brass- section embellished thrust of "Why Can't I Be You." Oddly, chart-wise, the Cure's lost weekend began immediately after "Friday I'm in Love," their most ebullient melodic moment and the ultimate "clocking-off to kick those heels" anthem. But at least the inclusion of two new songs, "Cut Here" and "Just Say Yes" (with Saffron from Republica), indicate that the Cure remain a healthy, ongoing concern.

Song title:
01. Boys Don’t Cry
02. A Forest
03. Lets Go To Bed
04. The Walk
05. The Lovecat
06. In Between Days
07. Close To Me
08. Why Cant I Be You
09. Just Like Heaven
10. Lullaby
11. Love Song
12. Never Enough
13. High
14. Friday Im In Love
15. Mint Car
16. Wrong Number
17. Cut Here
18. Just Say Yes

Скрытый текст:

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Вы здесь » www.prizrak.ws » МузыкА » The Cure - Greatest Hits (Acoustic) (2001)>>