pdf | 7.82 MB | English | ASIN:‎ B01KDN6GR4 | Author: Sharath Kumar | Year: 2016


Not everyone has the time to do the research and examine an unbiased look at trends within server virtualization efforts and to then realize the resulting impact on bottom-line business results.

This book,   Server Virtualization: A Cost Savings Strategy  , is a must read for project managers, groups, or organizations who are investigating server virtualization within their computing environments, particularly as applied to emerging applications.

This book will help stakeholders and customers alike make better-informed decisions when considering ways to maximize IT funds in order to reach specific funding objectives. In addition, this book will help provide an overview and background on server virtualization for those needing more information before moving forward with virtualization efforts.

After reading   Server Virtualization: A Cost Savings Strategy  , the reader will be able to make better-informed decisions when considering the ultimate implementation of virtualization within their environment.

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