epub | 412.01 KB | English | ASIN:‎ B096TFVC13 | Author: Evan Currie | Year: 2021


Five years ago, the world changed forever.

We were discovered. No once noticed. We were invaded. No one realized. We fought back. No one... cared. In the last moments before defeat, our enemy deployed a bioweapon, spreading an invisible pandemic to the winds.

The world just wanted to go back to normal.

A third of the population have the genetic code needed to activate the Quantum Virus. Billions of people, waiting to wake up one morning with powers. Abilities. Enhancements beyond that of mortal men.

The aliens bet on us destroying ourselves in the ensuing madness, but not all humans revel in destruction. When Order and Chaos go to war, Chaos always wins in the short term... but heroes know how to play the long game.

Looking back, will this be the beginning of the end, or the start of the Golden Age?

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