pdf | 11.76 MB | English | ASIN:‎ B01B5RMVGW | Author: Michihiko Nagumo | Year: 2016


This book is the first comprehensive treatment of 
hydrogen embrittlement of metallic materials, mainly of steels. The subject is 
increasingly important with regard to recent requirements for hydrogen energy 
equipment. Recent progress in revealing the nature of hydrogen embrittlement is 
remarkable, and this book provides students and researchers engaging in 
hydrogen problems with a comprehensive view of hydrogen embrittlement covering 
basic behaviors of hydrogen in materials and their various manifestations in degradation of mechanical 
properties. Previous studies are critically reviewed and recent advances 
including new ideas on the mechanism of embrittlement are presented. Emphases 
are put on experimental facts, but their meanings rather than phenomenological 
appearance are given particular attention. Experiments are noted on adopted 
conditions since the operating mechanism of hydrogen might differ by materials 
and environments. For theories, assumptions and premises employed are noted so 
as to examine their versatility. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the 
subject, brief descriptions of fundamental ideas are presented when necessary.

Category:Metals & Alloys Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Metallurgy Engineering