epub | 311.05 KB | English | ASIN:‎ 1090153023 | Author: Carl Alves | Year: 2019


For Fans of Stranger Things,   The Invocation   is a book you will want to read.

Ten-year-old Kenna Trigg thought playing with a Ouija board would be harmless fun. So when she and her friends connect with a dead girl's energy, they vow to help the teen's disturbed spirit rest in peace. But Kenna's curiosity transforms to terror when she accidentally unleashes a malevolent specter out for blood.    With the malicious entity able to possess others and jump from body to body, Kenna struggles to stop his relentless crime spree. Desperate for help, she turns to her recently paroled older brother, hoping her brain and his professionally bloodied fists can bring an end to the ruthless fiend's rampage.
Can Kenna and her brother defeat an insidious evil before it kills them all?
The Invocation     is a gripping standalone supernatural thriller. If you like dark action, mixed martial arts combat scenes, and page-turning suspense, then you'll love Carl Alves' intense tale.
Buy   The Invocation  to get in the ring with a devil today!

Category:Occult Horror, Occult Fiction, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy