epub | 481.93 KB | English | ASIN:‎ B0C5GK5R7Q | Author: Anne Shillolo | Year: 2023


The Hangman's third victim twists in the wind outside Inspector Hilary Casgrain's new home. It's not the 'Welcome To Elk Ridge' message she was expecting.   

Hilary Casgrain just moved halfway across the country for a fresh start. She's desperate to trade the shootings, corruption, and gangs of the city for small-town law enforcement. And she's convinced that a steady diet of nothing more serious than drunken tourists and fender benders is just what she needs to get her life back on track. 

But a serial killer spoils Hilary's dreams of a low-key career change. 

Her arrival in Elk Ridge goes further downhill when she meets the sergeant at her new posting. It's her nemesis, George 'Goat' Rundle. Goat's odd sense of humor grates on Hilary's last nerve, but he's deadly serious about protecting his team. Hilary fears she's doomed to be the ultimate outsider. Even worse, the sight of Goat Rundle is a grim reminder of the worst moment of her life. And she still holds him responsible. 

Hilary is also troubled by her newest officer. Riley Mills is young, smart, and eager. She's also a dead ringer for The Hangman's victims. 

As if The Hangman isn't enough of a threat to the small community, vandals are escalating their racist attacks from night-time property damage to the assault of a young girl. 

The animosity between Hilary and Goat simmers under the surface. It's an advantage The Hangman could exploit. Can Hilary steer the investigation back on track before Riley has to pay the price? 

Hilary wanted calm and quiet but slowly feels her old anger rekindling. The Elk Ridge PD might never be the same.

Category:Police Procedurals, Police Procedurals, Women Sleuths