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PACE Suite is the fastest application packaging tool that enables you to create Windows Installer package (MSI), Windows app packages (APPX) and various virtualized packages, edit them, and deploy with a click of a button.

Repackage any installation into MSI and other formats
With the fastest ever MSI Generator, quickly capture and repackage existing installations into MSI, App-V, ThinApp or Universal Windows Platform app packages.

Continue repackaging after system restart
If your source installation requires a system restart, PACE Suite will resume and continue repackaging the installation after the restart.

Create pure and reliable packages with Installation Capturing Wizard
Installation Capturing Wizard tells you which of processes and services you should stop to create pure packages and guides you through every step of the packaging process.

Easily update existing packages
No need to recapture the application if you need to make small changes. For each capturing, PACE Suite creates a project file, where you can update or add more resources and generate a new version of your package.

Capture permission changes
Capture all the file system or registry permission changes and include them in the package using an exquisite approach that writes data only to standard MSI tables, uses SecEdit tool, and works for all MSI schemas.

Exclude/include captured resources at any time
PACE Suite keeps all of the resources that you excluded and allows you to include them back at any moment after the capturing has been completed.

Detect embedded vendor MSI packages
PACE Suite capturing engine detects all hidden or wrapped vendor MSI installations instantly and enables you to continue customizing them via a transform.

Automatically filter captured resources
Exclusion lists automatically filter all captured resources, which ensures the creation of pure packages. Exclusion lists are fully editable so that you can modify them according to your needs.

Manage environment variables and advertised information
High-level constructs like environment variables and services are captured, and you can modify them before building a package.

Create and reuse system snapshots
Create a snapshot of your clean system once and reuse it for future repackaging projects to save time.

Repackage 32-bit and 64-bit applications
Capture and repackage 64-bit applications and manage their specific components.

Windows Installer Authoring
Create new MSI packages
Create a new blank MSI package and add necessary resources manually.

Publish your MSI packages to SCCM
Automatically distribute your applications to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager with a help of our publishing wizard.

Create transforms for customizing MSI packages
Use transform files (MST) to customize vendor MSI packages. With PACE Suite, you can either create a transform at the very beginning of editing your package or save all your changes as a transform later.

Tailor your installation with a response transform
Use transform files (MST) to customize vendor MSI packages. With PACE Suite, you can either create a transform at the very beginning of editing your package or save all your changes as a transform later.

Apply multiple transforms
Apply as many transforms to a package as you need and merge all changes into one file.

Set permissions in MSI packages
Set, view, change, or remove permissions on files, folders, and registry in your MSI packages.

Compare MSI packages
Using MSI Editor, quickly compare two MSI packages and see all the differences highlighted with colors.

Add and edit Device Drivers
Easily add Device Drivers with our Wizard. Review, edit, and remove drivers on the dedicated Drivers tab, which also highlights your changes and displays errors and warnings.

Create patch packages (MSP)
Create patch packages to deliver application updates. With PACE Suite, you can either save MSI database changes as a patch or generate a patch as a difference between new and old packages.

Create Merge Modules (MSM)
PACE Suite monitors specified pools of Merge Modules and replaces captured resources with appropriate modules. PACE Suite also allows you to import Merge Modules to MSI package manually.

Manage Custom Actions
Our dedicated Wizard guides you through every step of creating a custom action to ensure your packages will work properly. In the Custom Actions tab, you can review and manage all custom and standard actions.

Import resources to a package
Import files, registry, and shortcuts at any stage of the packaging process. You can also control settings like INI files handling, feature-component assignment, Media (CAB) options, and others.

Add Scripts to a package
Integrate any script into a package with just one click. Just select a script, and PACE Suite will propagate most of the fields with proper data automatically.

Manage contents of MSI packages in a convenient tree-like interface
Review and modify package resources such as files, registry, features-components in a convenient tree-like interface and get additional assistance in dedicated wizards.

Undo/Redo history
PACE Suite allows you to Undo/Redo any manipulation you have made and highlights changes, so that you can easily find them in the MSI tables.

Manage MSI upgrades
Let PACE Suite know which MSI packages must be upgraded during the installation, and all necessary information will be imported automatically.

Export Registry to REG File
You can export registry entries from your MSI package into the REG file that will have the latest 5.00 format version.

Directly edit MSI tables
For advanced customization, use direct table editor that highlight all changes, has Excel-like formula bar, formatted string autocompleting, row reference tracking, and more.

Row reference tracking
When you make changes to MSI tables, row reference tracking mechanism displays all connected rows and updates them automatically to maintain the MSI database integrity constraint.

COM extraction and self-registration
PACE Suite is able to extract both 32/64-bit COM information and .NET assemblies from the selected file and import them to your package.

Import tables from IDT format
Import MSI tables from IDT files to your MSI package.

Control "Add & Remove Program" properties
Review and update main Add & Remove Program information, select existing or import new icons.
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