[center]English | March 26th, 2024 | ISBN: 1738626407 | 260 pages | True EPUB | 20.35 MB[/center]

Publisher: Canterbury Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy

Why is back pain the world's greatest disability?
Why aren't the fixes we buy working?
What are the 10 things researchers want us to know about our backs?

The Secret to fixing our back pain lies not within medication, repeat 'treatments' or surgery. It lies deeply rooted within our lifestyle, mindset and behaviour - in the way we behave as an animal.

Movement is Medicine - it is the missing link - the active ingredient in treating our back pain - whether highly-trained, elite athletes, sedentary office workers or manual labourers.

Find Your Inner Ape. Understand that you are your own best therapy. Learn how to tailor your lifestyle. Use movement and mindfulness as a way back to enjoying a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and self-empowered life.

The third edition of this highly acclaimed and popular book is a comprehensive 'how-to' for all back pain sufferers. It is for those who are distressed and lost amongst the confusing plethora of 'treatment' options in the modern marketplace. It clears a pathway through the tangled jungle of fast-fix claims and snake oil remedies. Shows you how to manage your back pain as simply and quickly as possible. Answers the question: 'Where is my back pain coming from and what can I do to fix it myself?' Helping you become the central protagonist in the story of your own recovery.

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⭐️ The Back Fix How To Beat The World's #1 Disability, 3rd Edition ✅ (20.35 MB)
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