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Listen to expert Aashima Ahuja provide a comprehensive journey through the front-end interview process and on how to land your dream job.
Cracking the Front-end Interview hosted by Aashima Ahuja gives you inside tips and advice on how to prepare for the front-end engineer interviews by covering every aspect of the process. Whether you're new to interviewing or looking to improve your skills, or preparing for FAANG she guides you through the entire process, from applying and building resumes and cover letters to discussing the interview rounds for a front-end engineer.
She guides you from "Getting the First Call" and crafting an outstanding resume to conquering the "Interview Process" with coding, system design, and behavior interviews. You will gain insights into the "Recruiter Screening Round" and "Coding Round" covering data structures, algorithms, and JavaScript. Master the "System Design Round," and understand the significance of "Behavior and Culture Fit" assessments. You will also learn how to "Overcome Interview Fears" and build confidence while navigating the job hunt. With practical advice and real-world examples, discover the path to your "Dream Job" in front-end development.

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�� System_Design_Insights.mp3 (13:24) (30.67 MB)
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