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A funny, wise, and relatable exploration of how to stand firm amid the ups and downs of existence. In today's culture of intense polarization and constant change, how do we find the confidence to navigate life's challenges? Is now really the time for meditation, for looking inward? What do we do with mindfulness? Ethan Nichtern, described by Vogue as "a supercool, deeply kind brainiac," and one of the leading meditation teachers of our time, tackles these questions head-on in Confidence. This provocative book takes contemporary considerations of power, identity, ethics, and confidence to new heights, offering listeners an essential guide to self-discovery. Nichtern examines the Buddhist concept of the Eight Worldly Winds, the four paired opposites of praise and blame, pleasure and pain, fame and insignificance, and success and failure. By delving into these dichotomies, listeners gain invaluable insights into their relationships with others (including teachers, friends, leaders, the disgraced, and the adored) and themselves. With four transformative meditation exercises, this book empowers listeners to cultivate and access their innate confidence and wisdom.

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