Complete Guide To Application Packaging And Repackaging
Published 4/2024
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Master the Skills to Package and Repackage Applications for Efficient Deployment and Virtualization

[b]What you'll learn[/b]

Application Packaging and Repackaging for Windows


None, Will teach from Basics


Are you eager to become an expert in application packaging and repackaging techniques? Look no further! This comprehensive course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to package applications using cutting-edge technologies like MSI, MSIX and VMware ThinApp.In this hands-on course, you'll start by gaining a solid foundation in application packaging concepts, understanding the importance of standardization, and exploring various packaging formats. You'll then dive into the world of MSIX, Microsoft's modern packaging format, learning how to create, customize, and deploy applications using MSIX.Next, you'll explore VMware ThinApp, a powerful tool for virtualizing applications, making them portable and isolated from the underlying operating system. You'll learn how to package applications with ThinApp, resolve application compatibility issues, and leverage advanced features like sandboxing and streaming.Throughout the course, you'll work on real-world examples and practical exercises, allowing you to apply your knowledge in a hands-on manner. You'll also discover best practices for troubleshooting, testing, and maintaining packaged applications, ensuring successful deployment in enterprise environments.By the end of this course, you'll be proficient in application packaging and repackaging techniques, equipped to take on exciting opportunities as an application packager, deployment specialist, or virtualization expert.Don't miss this chance to master application packaging with MSI, MSIX and VMware ThinApp. Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a skilled application packaging professional!


Section 1: Introduction to Packaging

Lecture 1 Course Introduction and Topics Covered

Section 2: Day 1 - Packaging, Operating System and virtualization concepts

Lecture 2 Session 1

Lecture 3 Session 2

Lecture 4 Session 3

Section 3: Environment Setup

Lecture 5 Repackaging Environment Setup

Section 4: Day 2 - Different types of packages and process to follow

Lecture 6 Session 1

Lecture 7 Session 2

Lecture 8 Session 3

Section 5: Day 3 - Windows Installer Database concepts in depth and custom actions

Lecture 9 Session 1

Lecture 10 Session 2

Lecture 11 Session 3

Section 6: Drivers package, spooler service control and new service creation

Lecture 12 Driver installation

Lecture 13 driver package troubleshoot

Lecture 14 driver package install and uninstall batch files

Section 7: Day 4 - Troubleshooting steps with different tools and OS concepts for packaging

Lecture 15 Session 1

Lecture 16 Session 2

Lecture 17 Session 3

Section 8: Creating shortcuts in msi

Lecture 18 Network shortcuts

Lecture 19 Create shortcuts using vbscript

Section 9: Day 5 - MSIX packaging, VMWare ThinApp and Powershell App Deployment toolkit

Lecture 20 Session 1

Lecture 21 Session 2

Lecture 22 Session 3

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