epub | 7.63 MB | English |  | Author: Kelly Oram | Year: 2024

About ebook: Beauty and the Bachelor (Kellywood, #6)

Beauty and the Beast meets The Bachelor.

Thanks to a stipulation in his late father's will, billionaire СЕО (Поисковая оптимизация SEO Sebastian Monroe has one year to find a wife he loves who loves him back, or he will lose control of his family's company. The change could destroy the company and the lives of all its employees. Desperate to save his company, Sebastian reluctantly agrees to be the next bachelor on the hit reality tv show Marry Me.

Sebastian's not known for being charming or social, and he has little patience for most women. He has no idea how he's supposed to fall in love with one of the simpering, fame and fortune seeking contestants the show has picked out. Especially not when his attention has been snagged by the show's beautiful, feisty lead wardrobe specialist.

Vivian Euling has landed the job of a lifetime as lead wardrobe specialist for the reality dating show Marry Me, and is able to get her best friends (twin stepsisters of the famous Ella and Brian Oliver) as contestants on the show. When tragedy strikes the twins' family, they are contractually obligated to stay, and the show isn't going to let them go to be with their family.

Sebastian, seeing the opportunity to date the woman he can't get out of his head, gets the show to make the girls a deal: If Vivian takes the twins' place on the show as a contestant, the twins will be released from their contract.

Coerced into being a contestant and forced to give up her dream job, Vivian is angry and determined to get kicked off the show as soon as possible. Unfortunately for her, her contract stipulates she can only leave the show if Sebastian lets her go, and that seems to be the last thing he intends to do.

Beauty and The Bachelor is book #6 in the Kellywood Universe. It can be read as a stand alone, but there is character crossover from the previous books in the world so reading the other books first would enhance the experience.

Popular tropes:
billionaire romance
marriage of convenience
fairy tale retelling
TV/celebrity romance