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✔I will tell you how to write or doing programs for ESP 32 using the free Arctos real time operating system. To develop programs, I suggest you to use VS code with the platform IO extension, which can have more advanced functionality compared to the original Arduino IDE.

✔At the same time, all sketches made in VS code are fully compatible with the Arduino ID and can be easily transferred from one ID to another. The same goes for libraries all libraries installed it in their doing ID can be used in VS code let's install VS code and I'll show you how to configure it for Arduino download скачать the installer you can find the link to it in the attachment to this project I select the it for 64 bit Windows stopped and stolen install it next step is to install.

✔platform IO extension go to Extensions and find plat formio here and install it bullet one mio is installed let's start with code here we can see what for my workstation next we will open some are doing a project to do this navigate to open and here select project examples and here we can select some example let it be doing away face calm import USA trust router.

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�� HANDBOOK OF ESP32 USING THE ARDUINO.epub (Jansa Selvam) (10.87 MB)

⭐️ HANDBOOK OF ESP32 USING THE ARDUINO IDE A Practical Guide To Development RTOD And Example Dummy Code ✅ (10.87 MB)
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