[center]English | 2024 | ISBN: 1803239581 | 422 pages | True EPUB | 8.56 MB[/center]

Publisher: Packt Publishing Pvt Ltd

Explore the latest features in Swift and build feature-rich, reliable iOS-native apps with proven industry-standard recipes, modern design techniques, and strategies beyond the official documentation.

�� Key Features
Harness the power of Swift to create stunning applications, spanning mobile apps to machine learning models
Learn and practice the flexible Swift programming language with a practical, recipe-based approach
Leverage the new features in the latest release of Swift and iOS
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Book Description
Unlock the full potential of Swift and elevate your iOS development skills with this new edition of Swift Cookbook, highlighting the latest features in Swift 5.9.

This cookbook will take your Swift programming skills to the next level, boosting your productivity and efficiency step by step through a plethora of practical recipes. Although this book is primarily for experienced iOS developers, it provides an introductory overview of Swift 5.9, including its basic building blocks, syntax, and the functionalities of Swift constructs, to get you warmed up. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, you'll get down to business.

Unless you're completely new to Swift, this recipe-based guide doesn't need to be read in order; you can jump to whichever topic takes your fancy, from UIKit and SwiftUI to advanced UI techniques, from Swift's control flow and generics to machine learning with Vision, CoreML, and augmented reality with ARKit.

By the end of this book, you'll be fully up to speed with Swift's capabilities and be able to develop amazing applications across a wide variety of domains.

�� What you will learn
Define flexible classes and structs using generics
Use advanced operators and create custom ones
Build iOS apps using UIKit and SwiftUI framework
Import custom functionality into Swift Playgrounds
Implement machine learning models using CoreML and Vision
Manage 3D models and assets for ARKit using Swift and Xcode

�� Who this book is for
This book is for experienced iOS developers looking to master the diverse features offered by Swift 5.9 along with tips and tricks to efficiently code and build applications. Knowledge of general programming concepts will assist with understanding key concepts.

�� Contents of download скачать:
�� Swif.Cookbook.Third.Edition.epub (Keith Moon
, Chris Barker
, Daniel Bolella, and
Nathan Lawlor) (8.56 MB)

⭐️ Swift Cookbook Proven Recipes For Developing Robust IOS Applications With Swift 5.9, 3rd Edition ✅ (8.56 MB)
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