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Subject: Health & Fitness, Nonfiction
Catergory: Health & Fitness, Nonfiction
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Company, Incorporated

�� Learn the truth about the healthcare industry, how little your genes influence your health, the real impact of lifestyle and daily toxin exposure, and how to shift the paradigm.
Trust in the medical profession is at an all-time low. The healthcare industry is worth trillions of dollars and growing exponentially, but people in general are getting sicker. Many of us are suffering from chronic illnesses, unwanted weight gain, cardiovascular complications, and mental health problems. So are our children. We need to shift our thinking.
How to Be a Healthy Humanis for anyone who uses the healthcare system and wonders if there is another way. Carefully referenced and helpfully illustrated, the narrative is told from the rigorous but witty point of view of Emma Tekstra, an actuary and thirty-year consultant in the global health and corporate benefits space. Tekstra arms you with information about the amazing human body and the modern medical and pharmaceutical industries to empower you to take control of your own health and ultimately how to age well, utilizing conventional medical care only where absolutely necessary.
You'll receive practical guidance and discover:
A simple approach to nutrition
The symbiotic interaction of humans with nature and with microbes
A new way of thinking about disease and diagnoses
A fresh outlook on mental health and neurological conditions
A recipe for healthy aging
Resources, further reading, food hacks, and much more!
How to Be a Healthy Human is full of practical advice anyone can use to obtain vibrant health and vitality.

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�� How to Be a Healthy Human What Your Doctor Doesn't Know about Health and Longevity.epub (Tekstra, Emma;) (2024) (9.58 MB)

⭐️ How To Be A Healthy Human What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Health And Longevity ✅ (9.58 MB)
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