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Subject: Fantasy, Fiction, Literature
Catergory: Fantasy, Fiction, Literature
Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group USA

Start working with auras and chakras right away with this fun and accessible guide.

Auras are the storybook of your soul. They reflect your personal vibration, intentions, and manifestations as well as hold energy from other people and the environment. Most teachings portray auras as a complicated subject filled with lots of esoteric information. The Aura & Chakra Healing Companion offers practical and easy-to-implement techniques for aura healing and balancing.

Learn how to

Develop energetic sensitivity
Work with auras and energy fields and protect your space
Clean and balance chakras
Remove energy blocks and negative energy

The Aura & Chakra Healing Companion is aimed at beginners, but also includes intermediate and advanced techniques to try as your knowledge builds. The book also includes information on chakras and energetic anatomy as well as integrating color healing, crystals, pendulums, and other tools in reading and healing your aura.

Your healing journey starts here.

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�� The Aura & Chakra Healing Companion A Beginner's Guide to Healing and Balancing Your Energy Body.epub (Fowler, Kat;) (2015) (6.21 MB)

⭐️ The Aura & Chakra Healing Companion A Beginner's Guide To Healing And Balancing Your Energy Body ✅ (6.21 MB)
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