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Almost 7 Hours of Video Instruction

Prepare for VMware Professional vSphere 8.x exam success with nearly seven hours of expertly crafted video training.

Earning the VCP-DCV certification demonstrates that you can implement, configure, manage, and support virtual infrastructure and clouds built on VMware vSphere 8 and that you understand the components, features, and use cases for vSphere 8. To earn the VCP-DCV certification, you must pass the Professional vSphere 8 exam. This video course is designed to help you achieve exam success. It provides details on the exam objectives as stated in the exam blueprint, as well as technical details, explanations, and real-world examples, and serves as a comprehensive resource for IT professionals seeking to validate their expertise in vSphere 8.x administration.

VMware training expert John A. Davis provides detailed insights into vSphere architecture, installation, and integration, covering topics such as ESXi and vCenter Server deployment, single sign-on configuration, and initial vSphere setup. You'll learn about storage infrastructure, from traditional to software-defined storage solutions, along with networking configurations, security protocols, and performance monitoring techniques. The course covers advanced topics such as cluster configuration, resource management, and virtual machine lifecycle management so you can effectively manage and optimize vSphere environments.

Skill Level


Learn How To:

Prepare for the VCP-DCV qualifying exam.
Master vSphere environment implementation, configuration, and management.
Deploy ESXi and vCenter Server efficiently, ensuring a robust virtualization infrastructure.
Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for streamlined authentication across vSphere components.
Optimize storage infrastructure by leveraging traditional and software-defined storage solutions.
Implement networking policies and manage network infrastructure effectively.
Strengthen vSphere security through certificate management, authentication mechanisms, and permissions settings.
Configure and manage virtual machines, including cloning, migrations, and template usage.
Implement advanced virtual machine management techniques such as vMotion and Storage vMotion.
Monitor and optimize resource usage, ensuring efficient cluster configuration and resource.

Who Should Take This Course:

This course is ideal for individuals preparing for the VCP-DCV 8.x exam. It is recommended that you have 6-12 months of practical experience in implementing, managing, and supporting vSphere environments. It is tailored for IT professionals, including system administrators, infrastructure administrators, and virtualization engineers, who have a solid understanding of storage, networking, hardware, security, business continuity, and disaster recovery concepts.


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