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Mastering Data Analysis and Dynamic Visualizations with Microsoft Power BI - Recorded Live with Executives in Training.

What you'll learn
Understand the basic features and functionalities of Power BI.
Acquire skills in importing data from various sources and transforming it for analysis.
Learn how to create simple visualizations like charts, graphs, and tables to represent data effectively.
Grasp the fundamentals of data modeling and relationships within Power BI.
Gain hands-on experience by working on practical exercises and projects that simulate real-world scenarios.
Lay the groundwork for more advanced topics in Power BI by understanding the essentials thoroughly.
Learn to publish and share report with stakeholders

Dive into a course initially recorded live, making it engaging and interactive. You won't just be passively learning; you'll feel like you're right there in the room with participants from the corporate world and learning solutions to REAL problems.

Here's what you'll learn in each unit:

Introduction to Business Intelligence

Overview of Business Intelligence

The journey from data to wisdom

Understanding the Business Intelligence process with Power BI

Understanding the Data Cycle

Exploring the limitations of traditional tools like Excel

Reviewing different licensing options in Power BI

Data Transformation Techniques in Power BI

Introduction to Power BI Query Editor

Common issues with data and how to identify them

Steps for effective data cleaning:

Removing columns and rows

Setting the first row as header

Changing data types, replacing values, and removing spaces

Handling errors, renaming and optimizing steps

Filling down missing values, splitting columns, and removing duplicates

Tips and tricks to automate data cleaning

Data Modeling and Enrichment

Basics of data modelling and building relationships

Understanding filter propagation and cardinality

Best practices in data model construction

Introduction to data enrichment: Creating calculated columns and measures

Basics of Data Visualization

Familiarization with native and custom visuals in Power BI

Hands-on creation of various charts (pie, line, bar), tables, and cards

Techniques for drilling down hierarchies and setting visual interactions

Formatting visuals and reports, including titles, legends, and axes

Utilizing slicers and different levels of filtering

Applying conditional formatting

Embedding images into reports

Publishing and Sharing Insights

Steps to publish reports and set default user experiences

Creating and managing workspaces for collaboration

Strategies for sharing reports effectively

Designing reports for mobile layouts

Who this course is for:
Business Professionals: Professionals from various industries who want to leverage Power BI to analyze and visualize data, make data-driven decisions, and communicate insights effectively within their organizations.
Students and Recent Graduates: Students pursuing degrees in business, analytics, or related fields who wish to gain practical skills in data analysis and visualization to enhance their academic studies or improve their employability.
Career Switchers: Individuals transitioning from non technical roles to roles that require data analysis skills, such as business analysts, data analysts, or data scientists, who need a solid foundation in Power BI to excel in their new careers.
Self-Learners and Enthusiasts: Individuals with a curiosity for data analysis and a desire to learn new skills, regardless of their professional background, who are motivated to explore the capabilities of Power BI and its applications in various contexts.


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